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Brazilian Resources is a U.S. company with ownership interests in agricultural mining and food irradiation industries in Brazil. Brazilian Resources has nearly two decades of experience in identifying mineral properties, conducting evaluations of those properties and securing financing to bring those properties into commercial production.

Our wholly-owned BrasAgro subsidiary is a domestic supplier of limestone and essential services to the agricultural sector in Brazil that produces food, fiber and fuel. Limestone is an integral component in soil fertility programs designed to optimize fertilizer efficiency and agricultural production. We are currently in the final phase of construction of our initial limestone mining and processing plant (Petrocal) in the state of Mato Grosso, Brazil. We have a second project (Kappa Zero) in the development phase in Rondônia. We believe our initial operation is strategically located in one of the fastest growing agricultural regions in Brazil and that we will possess a comparative transportation advantage over the region's existing limestone suppliers that will allow us to maximize our product sales price and our operating margin.
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